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Polly Ambermoon is a wilderness photographer based in Reykjavik, Iceland. She is drawn to the unique landscapes of the arctic and sub-arctic regions, where nature is her solace and her muse.

She believes photography is not about the camera but the connection to ones' surroundings . An inexplicable deeper sense of understanding and merging with the silence, forms, and complexity of the earth's physiology. Reminders of impermanence, cycles that repeat, yet are vastly different in their manifestations.

Polly used transparency film and analogue cameras for 15 years before switching over to the digital medium. She strives to capture images that replicate film quality, where she misses the nuances of the analogue format.

She hopes you enjoy the image galleries here and that they may instigate a connection to, and respect for this very precious planet that we live on.


2017 Monochrome Photography Awards: Honorable Mention (Landscapes Catgeory)

2016 Monochrome Photography Awards: Honorable Mention (Landscapes Catgeory)

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